I want to validate those in a relationship noticing red flags and warning signs of an abuser or a dysfunctional friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker. I’ve walked ahead of you on similar roads of hidden abuseoutrageously loud abuse, assault, boundarylessness, and gaslighting. I’ve experienced many trials in my life. I left a dangerous marriage to my first husband, a pastor now in prison for a sex crime against a three-year-old; a child who wasn’t his only victim. I barely survived the failures (that’s saying it nicely) of family court while trying to keep my daughter safe. I almost lost my oldest son, when he was seven years old, to a severe traumatic brain injury; he’s now in college. I’m a cancer survivor, and I live with chronic illnesses. I advocate for those living in or leaving destructive, toxic relationships. 

When we experience a relationship’s loss, disappointment, or death, we can fall into a pit of despair, sobbing and asking, “What’s next?” Seeing dreams, family, and community crumble and disappear. 

A life of difficulty can leave us feeling dead to the previous version of ourselves. Sometimes we hope our life is mercifully short, but we must bear in mind that we all experience the dead of winter. The truth remains, spring is coming.

Do we have hope? Yes! That’s why I offer my services as a Crisis Resource Advocate. I work with women living in or leaving destructive relationships.

Instead of asking, “What’s next” ask, “And now who will help me?” Remember that Jesus is with you and He has not abandoned or forgotten you. He is relevant for every season and question in life. 

I want to help empower you like I have other survivors through the years.

What abuse survivors always need during times like these is a listening ear. I’m known for just that and for being authentic in joy and transparent in pain. Everyone I’ve helped has experienced domestic abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or abuse in the Christian environment.

Listening to survivors is my specialty. Plus, if you are feeling lost and don’t know what to do next, I will talk to you and point you toward crisis resources for the topics of counseling, domestic violence, family court, and toxic relationships. I will end the session by praying for you because prayer is the most powerful tool we possess. The conversation will not be a group call or a webinar but a private one-on-one telephone conversation.

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I’ve been where you are. I’ve greatly suffered and strived to know what I know. I continue to educate myself on abuse topics because I care for the abused and believe God wants us to be safe and delivered to emotional and spiritual health. I’ve ministered to women, and a few men, for over a decade. I continue to receive calls, emails, and text messages daily from people needing help or help for a friend or loved one. So I decided to use my knowledge and turn my passion for survivors of abuse into a job as a crisis resource advocate. I will also maintain this website and post on Facebook under Carolyn Deevers Advocate-Writer.

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