Lynn Messer’s note handwriting comparison

I’ve received several pieces of handwriting belonging to Lynn Messer and to (allegedly) Kerry Messer. Take a look at the differences. Is this perhaps the reason Kerry Messer didn’t want family to see the entire note? Would family have known from day one that Lynn didn’t write all of the note?

Lynn Messer 3 Years Later: New Q’s & A’s

Was a complete skeleton recovered? Does Kerry Messer continue to not cooperate? Has Spring Thomas’ property or house been searched? Has Kerry been cleared of the investigation into Lynn’s death? Head over to my blog for these answers and more.

Lynn Messer Case: Top 12 Lies

I’m locating reported evidence together in one article so you can have full recall of the investigational details. You need not be uninformed or believing one side of the story.

Aarron Messer: FHE, Kerry Messer

I don’t like it, but he does not represent what he has done in the past or FHE or you or me anymore. I am so sorry. We love you and we love him, but don’t let his personal failure be the end of your passion. It won’t be the end of mine.

Lynn Messer: Adventurous Bride or Not? Q’s & A’s

   Editor’s Note: Abram is answering questions and sharing what he recalls of his relationship with his parents, and the relationship he observed between his parents. He is sharing his facts, opinions, and what he believes to be true. (I fully understand there are more than two sides to a story: Abram’s side, Aarron’s side,Continue reading “Lynn Messer: Adventurous Bride or Not? Q’s & A’s”

Lynn Messer: Note, what note?

Note, what note? Includes a copy of one portion of the note. The authorship is questionable.

Messer Brothers: Who’s accusing who?

Above photo credit: Photo Credit: J.B. Forbes, In the below article, Aarron and Abram Messer, write out the foundation of why they are choosing to write about the ongoing investigation around their mom’s mysterious death and their father’s deceptive behavior.  Aarron Joseph Messer, Wednesday, November 23, 2016 (Reprinted with permission) As many of you are about toContinue reading “Messer Brothers: Who’s accusing who?”

Who is Spring Thomas: By Aarron Messer

  This article is from Aarron Messer’s Facebook page. He has given me permission to print it in its entirety. Our frustrations can be overwhelming. There are so many questions we do not have answers too that at times you wonder if there is anything you can do? One of those questions is what roleContinue reading “Who is Spring Thomas: By Aarron Messer”

Evidence: Lynn Messer’s Note

Yes, we are now discussing the note that has been entered into evidence and has been examined by the F.B.I.

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