Abuse Resource List

Need resources for your church or organization regarding domestic abuse response? Are you aware there are many free resources on the internet? Free Christ-centered counseling from two of the best counselors who understand domestic abuse, toxic relationships, and boundaries. Free assessments to determine safety, and abuse. Quick guide for reviewing types of abuse. Websites andContinue reading “Abuse Resource List”

Toxic Tuesday: Keys to Your Sanity

Here are a few helpful, simple truths for the next time you find yourself in a difficult relationship or a toxic situation.

Repost: After the Last Bullet

Several weeks ago I reblogged, Because Life’s Not a Beach, by my friend Lisa Fisher. She wrote, “So blissfully blind to the upset just around the next bend.” She spoke of her oldest son’s traumatic death. This article is written by one of her daughters, Anna Graham, and is the precursor to Because Life’s NotContinue reading “Repost: After the Last Bullet”

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