Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 4

Do you know who rocks at the “broken record”? Nehemiah from the Old Testament! Check out Nehemiah 2:19-20, 6:1-9. He kept telling Sanballat and Tobiah the same thing, “I’m working on this project for my boss, and I won’t be coming down to argue with you.” Be Nehemiah. He’s my hero. 🙂

Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 3

Remember, God trumps your earthly parent. He is the Master. He is the REAL parent, the one who “subcontracted” the role to your earthly parents for a season. If you are His servant, you belong to Him. Be wise about dealing with your NPDer, but don’t fear them. You are in Your God-Daddy’s Arms. To the extent that He directs you to meet their demands, do it. But not because of them. Because of HIM :-)!!

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