Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

I felt the need to remind God that I was in this exact predicament out of obedience to Him. I told God that I knew He could see the entire plan and the outcome, but I could not and I was not taking another step in that direction unless He clearly showed me that I must. As in tomorrow…or I am finished.

Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 4

Do you know who rocks at the “broken record”? Nehemiah from the Old Testament! Check out Nehemiah 2:19-20, 6:1-9. He kept telling Sanballat and Tobiah the same thing, “I’m working on this project for my boss, and I won’t be coming down to argue with you.” Be Nehemiah. He’s my hero. 🙂

Flashing Billboards on My Forehead

… if you, like me, have a flashing billboard on your forehead — turn it off! And keep clear of Icy Hot.

DIY Prayer Board

There is relief, sometimes unexplainable, that only comes through prayer. So we pray for those we know and love and for those who ask us to pray for them.

Breaking Free from Abuse: Part 3

Nothing crushes your spirit more than abuse.
We have to deal with abuse because it is contagious and gets passed on from generation to generation.

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse Here are notes I took yesterday from Pastor Rick Warren’s  September series You Make Me Crazy. If you know a crazymaker or are a crazymaker God has much to say about abusive circumstances. No matter how bad your circumstances are you can count on God’s love and God’sContinue reading “Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse”

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