Lynn Messer case timeline |GoFundMe for Abram’s family

Here is the entire timeline of which I read a part of at the candlelight prayer vigil. I’ve also included the link to the GoFundMe page for Abram, Elizabeth and thier children.

Update: Detoxification—You Can Help

Here is an update on a previous post, Detoxification—You Can Help, about a woman named Krissy who recently had her world turned upside down when she found out her husband had molested a child. Her husband was arrested, he admitted to the crime, and he remains in jail. I want to share a Facebook post by KrissyContinue reading “Update: Detoxification—You Can Help”

Toxic Tuesday: Detoxification—You Can Help

Here is a peak into some areas of my life where God spoke personally to me; including a trauma our family is enduring right now. I also share a trauma another family is suffering and a tangible way you can help.

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