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My domain name changed to Since I’ve volunteered as a crisis resource advocate for over a decade, I decided to have my website name reflect my passion. Next, I want to talk about Lynn Messer. I know she is dear to our hearts, and I still pray that questions about her death will be brought to light on this side of heaven. 

Lynn Messer: Praying for Justice

I’m still believing justice is on the way. I believe silence and slow movement in the case is for a positive reason. The integrity of the case is more important than public perception or providing answers to the family. These types of cases can take years to build a solid case. Don’t mistake it for inaction or indifference. Time is now on Lynn’s side. I’m still praying for Lynn’s reversal of destiny. Read more in this rewrite of ‘Reversal of Destiny’.

Lynn Messer prayer vigil update: Important

Please read this if you plan on attending the candlelight prayer vigil for Lynn Messer. Thank you.

Lynn Messer’s Death Certificate: What it does and doesn’t say

Candlelight prayer vigil details; plus, what the death certificate says and doesn’t say leaves legal room to easily come back and make changes to the certificate at a later date.

Lynn Messer prayer vigil signs

Get your candlelight prayer vigil signs here…
We look forward to seeing you Monday night.

Spring Thomas (Messer) 20 Talking Points

Here is a list and timeline of Spring Thomas (Messer’s) life as related to the disappearance of Lynn Messer.

12 problems with Kerry Messer’s Version of Lynn’s Case

Read about them here as I gear up for Lynn’s prayer vigil. #JusticeForLynn

Lynn Messer Public Prayer Vigil, July 8, 2019

Please make plans to attend a prayer vigil for Lynn Messer as we ask God for answers, truth, and #JusticeForLynn. Please share on social media, church prayer-chains, and with friends. Thank you.

Lynn Messer’s note handwriting comparison

I’ve received several pieces of handwriting belonging to Lynn Messer and to (allegedly) Kerry Messer. Take a look at the differences. Is this perhaps the reason Kerry Messer didn’t want family to see the entire note? Would family have known from day one that Lynn didn’t write all of the note?

Lynn Messer Update November Election

Lynn Messer disappeared July 8, 2014. We now know that Lynn has been deceased the entire time and I have been told by law enforcement multiple times through the years that Kerry Messer, her husband, has not been cleared in the investigation surrounding Lynn’s death.  Kerry is a Missouri state lobbyist who represents family, homeschooling,Continue reading “Lynn Messer Update November Election”

Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite

Tomorrow, July 8, marks the 4 year anniversary of the reporting of Lynn Messer as a missing person. Upon her disappearance, the family farm where Lynn lived with her husband was mapped with grids and searched by rescue and recovery teams, along with trained search and rescue dogs. Searching was done by air, foot, andContinue reading “Lynn Messer 4 years later: What her death certificate says; Kerry and Spring’s wedding invite”

Lynn Messer case history

This is where you’ll find many of the past articles I’ve written about Lynn Messer. They are listed by title and dated from recent to earliest. You may also type ‘Lynn Messer’ into the search bar in the margin to find more articles. March 28, 2018, Lynn Messer family history Two and a half yearsContinue reading “Lynn Messer case history”

My original interest in the Lynn Messer case

Today I’m sharing the reasons for my interest in the Lynn Messer case.

Lynn Messer 3 Years Later: New Q’s & A’s

Was a complete skeleton recovered? Does Kerry Messer continue to not cooperate? Has Spring Thomas’ property or house been searched? Has Kerry been cleared of the investigation into Lynn’s death? Head over to my blog for these answers and more.

Lynn Messer Case: Top 12 Lies

I’m locating reported evidence together in one article so you can have full recall of the investigational details. You need not be uninformed or believing one side of the story.

Lynn Messer: Adventurous Bride or Not? Q’s & A’s

   Editor’s Note: Abram is answering questions and sharing what he recalls of his relationship with his parents, and the relationship he observed between his parents. He is sharing his facts, opinions, and what he believes to be true. (I fully understand there are more than two sides to a story: Abram’s side, Aarron’s side,Continue reading “Lynn Messer: Adventurous Bride or Not? Q’s & A’s”

Lynn Messer: Note, what note?

Note, what note? Includes a copy of one portion of the note. The authorship is questionable.

Messer Brothers: Who’s accusing who?

Above photo credit: Photo Credit: J.B. Forbes, In the below article, Aarron and Abram Messer, write out the foundation of why they are choosing to write about the ongoing investigation around their mom’s mysterious death and their father’s deceptive behavior.  Aarron Joseph Messer, Wednesday, November 23, 2016 (Reprinted with permission) As many of you are about toContinue reading “Messer Brothers: Who’s accusing who?”

Evidence: Lynn Messer’s Note

Yes, we are now discussing the note that has been entered into evidence and has been examined by the F.B.I.

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