Shanann Watts case: 20 reasons abuse stays hidden and can lead to death

The last time I wrote I gave you my observations on the Shanann Watts case; specifically my thoughts on the husband’s behavior in interviews.  *Disclaimer: Abuse crosses all genders, socioeconomic statuses, nationalities, tones of skin, and religions. I minister to women and therefore I use the term woman in most of my writings. Allow meContinue reading “Shanann Watts case: 20 reasons abuse stays hidden and can lead to death”

The Shanann Watts case: My observations.

  I think these were likely heinous, violent, selfish, dark acts of murder from a cold, calculating, evil, angry, and controlling man who looked normal, nice, caring, and nurturing to those watching on the outside.     I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the headlines: Husband kills pregnant wife and their two little girls.Continue reading “The Shanann Watts case: My observations.”

Escalation of abuse led to murder

Here is one more story of a woman who was living under verbal and emotional abuse.  After 25 years she tried to leave; unsuccessfully. He followed her and killed her. Here is a fact you rarely hear, but it’s true. Abusers don’t get better. Abuse escalates with time.   From the Tallahassee Democrat: Karl Etters,Continue reading “Escalation of abuse led to murder”

Missouri Missing Person Case Solved

The mother was charged Tuesday with first-degree and second-degree murder, fatal abuse of a child, tampering with evidence and abandoning a corpse — and “more charges are forthcoming on any individual that was involved in aiding or tampering in this investigation,”

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