Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 3

Remember, God trumps your earthly parent. He is the Master. He is the REAL parent, the one who “subcontracted” the role to your earthly parents for a season. If you are His servant, you belong to Him. Be wise about dealing with your NPDer, but don’t fear them. You are in Your God-Daddy’s Arms. To the extent that He directs you to meet their demands, do it. But not because of them. Because of HIM :-)!!

Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 2

November 4, 2014 – Joy S. Well, happy readers, thank you again to Carolyn for allowing me to rejoin you for Part 2 of Toxic Tuesday:  Narcissistic Personality Disordered Parent. In my last post, I promised to share strategies I’ve discovered for escaping unforgiveness toward a NPD parent.  Lest you think that I was “spiritual”Continue reading “Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents Part 2”

Toxic Tuesday: Narcissistic Parents

My guest author uses the pseudonym Joy S. to protect their identity as well as the relationship with their parents/family. “Don’t I, as an adult child, have to do what they ask in order to honor them?” Good question. Please don’t confuse “honor your parents” with “worship your parents.” I did for a long time!” Read more: 3 steps for breaking the difficult cycle. Difficult, but not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God!

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