Fresh Pico De Gallo Recipe

Do you have an abundance of fresh tomatoes from your garden? Then I have a recipe for you! Fresh cilantro is a must so go pick a bunch. Ah, the scent—the taste of fresh cilantro! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Today I am sharing how I make my favorite Pico De Gallo recipe. Some cooksContinue reading “Fresh Pico De Gallo Recipe”

Pico De Gallo Recipe: My habit

In my house we consider Pico De Gallo a nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it is eaten as such; with tortilla chips. Yep, that’s it—nothing more—just Pico.

Eat plain with chips or as a topping on your favorite Taco, Fajita, Burrito, Quesadilla, Chalupa, salad, meat or casserole. ~Enjoy!

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