Vindication for Sexual Abuse Victims of Ravi Zacharias

Celebrity pastor Ravi Zacharias caught in long-term sexual deviance & abuse. An organization or individual that allows evil to thrive through sexual abuse cover-up is not Christ-like, & the ministry of Ravi Zacharias is invalidated by his refusal to repent & ask forgiveness. I supported & believed Lori Anne Thompson the last 4 years.

Ravi Zacharias Responds

Betray implies exposing information that no one else knows; revealing their secrets; being disloyal, giving evidence. Here are my questions about the case if it was all one-sided:

Ravi Zacharias: Sexual grooming and misconduct lawsuit

This is a public service announcement for those of you who listen to Ravi on the radio or on podcasts. This is not the first problem to arise for Ravi Zacharias. There have been multiple people through the years question Ravi’s reported inflated credentials; followed by a lack of response, verification, or proof from Ravi’sContinue reading “Ravi Zacharias: Sexual grooming and misconduct lawsuit”

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