Survivor of SGM on Josh Harris leaving his wife and his faith

The end of his book, divorce, no longer a Christian,, and a sexual abuse cover-up scandal. What now? Prayer! Prayer for so many people in several directions. Here is a good commentary on the situation.

Abusers, Denial, and 10 Tips From Their Playbook

In light of the R. Kelly headlines: Read the different ways abusers react when confronted and study their team playbook. Should you believe them? Is letting them off the hook showing grace…after all, aren’t grace and forgiveness biblical concepts?

Happy New Year: You can do this!

Encouragement and validation to start the new year. If you know someone who can benefit from being understood in the middle of a difficult marriage; please pass this on!

Happy Hour: Celebrating 20+ years following Beth as she follows Christ

HAPPY HOUR: Fridays AT 5:00 P.M.—Kick back after a hard week’s work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true love and wisdom without putting a dent in your wallet.    It’s like free fast food for your soul. ~Enjoy!   I want to encourage one of my closest friends; whom I’ve never met, Beth Moore. Continue reading “Happy Hour: Celebrating 20+ years following Beth as she follows Christ”

Saeed Abedini Update March 2018

  Saeed Abedini, former husband of Naghmeh (Abedini) Panahi, is once again making the headlines. He violated a current court ordered no contact and was subsequently arrested. Read the Idaho Statesman article here… Saeed’s current Facebook posts tell of his return from a trip to Turkey where he met up with Nasim, the woman SaeedContinue reading “Saeed Abedini Update March 2018”

Naghmeh Abedini’s Leaked Letter

Do you believe her? Naghmeh Abedini, wife of imprisoned for his faith Pastor Saeed claims she has been silent about the abuse she suffered from him.

Pastor Doug Wilson, A Serial Pedophile, and the Real Victims

Many churches continue to fail victims and the innocent by giving child abusers, molesters, and pedophiles the benefit of the doubt. Pedophilic offenders are a segment of the population who will never reverse their desires and will not stop acting upon those desires of their own free will. Companion text: CLICK HERE

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