Abuse Resource List

Need resources for your church or organization regarding domestic abuse response? Are you aware there are many free resources on the internet? Free Christ-centered counseling from two of the best counselors who understand domestic abuse, toxic relationships, and boundaries. Free assessments to determine safety, and abuse. Quick guide for reviewing types of abuse. Websites andContinue reading “Abuse Resource List”

20 Signs You Were Raised by a Narcissist

I’ve talked with many adults who testify to being raised by a parent, or both parents, who have narcissistic personality disorder. See if you can relate…or at least provide validation for a friend who has suffered this type of abuse.

Toxic Tuesday: Flashing Billboards On My Forehead

I have a history of allowing anger (toxicity) to be taken out on me so when it comes up in a relationship it feels natural but I know God is calling me to recognize and respond to it in a biblical way. This is anything but easy for me. “You want to learn this lesson in the classroom and not on a field trip.” I imagine I have more field trips logged than the average student.

Teach Your Daughters to Fear God, Not Men!

A friend sent me this article via Facebook. This is an excellent read, recommended by Kirk Cameron, and I especially appreciate the call to the church to get involved when women are in these types of relationships. Great food for thought and more importantly for action. I’ll be re-reading and praying about this. Click here toContinue reading “Teach Your Daughters to Fear God, Not Men!”

Toxic Tuesday: 8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships abound in our ever increasing narcissistic society. How is a person to know if their boyfriend or girlfriend has emotionally abusive tendencies or worse; a personality disorder? If you are married and find you are in this type of relationship you will most likely need professional and spiritual help for navigating your pathContinue reading “Toxic Tuesday: 8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship”

Toxic Tuesday: A Path Through the Forest

When the messiness of life keeps you from seeing anything from God, hearing anything from God or feeling anything from God GO—TO—HIS—WORD; the Bible. Read the truth until you feel it, remember it—know it!

And remember: Don’t Feed the Bears

Toxic Tuesday: It is Real You are Write

We find precedence throughout scripture for confrontation as a means to help, discipline and show good will. God uses people to do this.

Toxic Tuesday: Do Not Underestimate the Power in Numbers

Toxic Tuesday: Do Not Underestimate the Power in Numbers Community: You need it. Hopefully you have a church home you pour your life into and of which you enjoy the benefits of learning, praising, praying, serving, friendship, encouragement and help when needed. Hebrews 10:22-25 The Message (MSG) “So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable insideContinue reading “Toxic Tuesday: Do Not Underestimate the Power in Numbers”

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