Escalation of abuse led to murder

Here is one more story of a woman who was living under verbal and emotional abuse.  After 25 years she tried to leave; unsuccessfully. He followed her and killed her. Here is a fact you rarely hear, but it’s true. Abusers don’t get better. Abuse escalates with time.   From the Tallahassee Democrat: Karl Etters,Continue reading “Escalation of abuse led to murder”

Listen…her heart is crying

This begins a series of writings from women living in difficult, disappointing, or destructive marriages…or leaving destructive marriages/relationships. When women are physically abused the harm is often visible, but what about verbal and emotional abuse? The injury is internal…on the heart, soul, mind and strength. You may never guess her husband rages in a differentContinue reading “Listen…her heart is crying”

12 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Here’s a quick read to help you recognize if you are under the influence of a toxic person.

Breaking Free from Abuse: Part 3

Nothing crushes your spirit more than abuse.
We have to deal with abuse because it is contagious and gets passed on from generation to generation.

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse

Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse Here are notes I took yesterday from Pastor Rick Warren’s  September series You Make Me Crazy. If you know a crazymaker or are a crazymaker God has much to say about abusive circumstances. No matter how bad your circumstances are you can count on God’s love and God’sContinue reading “Crazymaking: Part 2 of Breaking Free from Abuse”

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast

Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast This is for sweet women suffering in abusive relationships who need to know God is on their side; I am too and I am praying for you. If you or someone you know is suffering from physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse you need to realize, “The damageContinue reading “Breaking Free From Abuse: Listen, MP3 or Podcast”

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